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Gender Bender


A joint project of the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore, and Sandbox Collective :


Anokhi Shah

Technical details:

Multi-arts online festival, WebVR, Metaverse

A multi-arts festival that celebrates questions and fresh perspectives of gender. The majority of our creative work is focused on gender. In this, we have gravitated organically towards the link between art and gender, which also resulted in the conceptualisation of Gender Bender in 2015.


The festival invites applications from artists and individuals around the world, for new works that play with innovative ideas around issues of gender. Projects short listed by an independent panel are awarded a trigger grant. Works created for Gender Bender-from the very first edition-have resulted in impact that has gone beyond the festival.


Most of the artworks showcased during the festival have also gone on to have a vibrant life after the initial showcase. Through this grant-making process, we hope to see the creation of new works that enable and empower path breaking and experimental artistic endeavors.

Faced with the challenges in the last year and a half, a shaky present and an uncertain future, the only thing we are certain of at this point is that we must continue the work however and whenever possible. These difficult times have only taught us how much more we must persevere to further the gender discourse in the hope of contributing to a better understanding of gender and art.

Gender Bender 2021 is envisioned as a digital manifestation of the physical festival – an interactive online space for audiences to engage with. Keeping this in mind, this year, we only invite applications for ideas that can be realised in the digital space.

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