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FOUNDER, Creative DirectoR 


New Media Entrepreneur | Curator | Architect | Artist

Anokhi is the founder of IOVR Space - an Interdisciplinary Design Research Studio, where she currently heads projects as the Creative Director. Through IOVR, Anokhi works to combine physical sets with immersive design to create hyperreality experiences.

Anokhi’s creative practice explores space in relation to the arts in an effort to infuse interactive design with original and critical ideas and practices through contemporary digital mediums. Questions of aesthetics are of particular interest to her, especially new forms of representation that embrace both production and decoding of entities within emerging symbol systems set against a wide spectrum of technology-driven processes. These processes are increasingly engendered by different levels of computation, which gives rise to the question of new forms of aesthetics.

Anokhi holds a Master of Arts in Architecture from Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany.

Anokhi is the Curator for the annual New Media Festival: Cyberia at TIFA Working Studios, Pune. She has hosted and curated multiple art exhibitions with an interactive experience in Europe and India.


tECHNICAL Director


Devashu is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong foundation in Interactive Systems, UX, and AR & VR. At IOVR, he leads the technical half to bridge artistic pursuits into physical reality. Post work hours, Dev enjoys video games, anime, traveling, and cooking.


Deepanshi Sethi
creative designer


With a background in Fashion Design, Deepanshi brings in a new perspective on visual forecasting and details to IOVR. She expertizes in 2D illustrations and 3D environments. Post work hours, Deepanshi likes to dance, cook, clean and read.


Anjali Gupta
3D Artist


With experience in both 3D & 2D game design, Anjali expertizes in creating a compelling and functional 3D assets for games. Her ideology revolves around interactivity with empathy and contextual significance.
In her free time, Anjali likes to Read, Crochet, Travel and watch Netflix.


Shubhrojyoti Kabiraj
GAME DEveloper


Shubhro is a self-taught game developer with a background in Computer Science with over six personal projects and numerous game jams. At IOVR, he contributes with his expertise in interactive projects - AR&VR, Game Design. Shubhro likes to indulge in research, Anime, Video Games and Music.

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