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Memory is always in the Periphery

Memory is always in the Periphery

Project Lead: Payal Arya and Aditi Kulkarni
Technical Lead: Anokhi Shah 
Collaborators: Alexander Papadopoulos and more.

Memory is always in the periphery is an ongoing, work in progress, experimental mixed reality interactive art installation where the technology mediates self-perception. It is a collaborative project lead by Payal Arya and Aditi Kulkarni. 

Data is collected by participants from Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, USA, India, Italy, Japan, and more.

What lies in between confined and secure?

Isolation a solitary experience, got a new meaning because of the pandemic. We seek the collective memory of a very personal, intimate moment in history. Through opening up these spaces, the visitor enters and trespasses the private spaces, which were closed off. The window of the screen emerged as a mode to access these spaces. 
We see the software as a creative tool and not something that just imitates reality, but an intersection between the real and the digital. Each individual room is four times removed from reality, first the way the person clicks his or her space and the resolution of their image. Through the software, certain information will get chosen and in spaces that have lack of information, or white space or spaces where depth can not be ascertained will look different when transformed into a 3D model. Third aspect comes in artistic intervention, when we tie the spaces together and the fourth manipulation of the space is through the place holders which would be modified by the visitors.
Simulation of a moment in time, by capturing the isolated spaces through the potential of 3D scanning technologies.
Invited people shared photogrammetry models of their isolation spaces/ their idea of what isolation could be. We see the project as fragmented memories of individual spaces, integrating varied social and cultural backgrounds.

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