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VR Bath




Anokhi Shah,
Devashu Bhadouria,
Ayushi Dubey,
Deepanshi Sethi

Technical details:

Immersive VR Experience

A 5-minute microdose of catharsis

In the positive pursuit of daily nurture, the quickest way to find mental clarity is through the cleansing of emotional clutter by simulating a state of mental presence that simultaneously induces a lack of acknowledgment of the physical. An immersion often experienced in the solitude of a bathroom - a Bath.

VR Bath conceptualizes a digital manifestation of a physical bath through an immersive virtual reality experience. A short euphoric journey that dissolves the notion of physical reality to energize the autonomy of the senses, tying them together in a helix of mindfulness, meditation, and movement or simply, a microdose of catharsis. The transcending passage into a soft dimension transpires through a rather simple labyrinth of spaces convoluting into one another, yet maintaining their distinctive identities. A set of three continuous spaces carved into the realm of intertwined senses serenades the beholder to self-reflect and exhale.

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