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Welcome to the future of


The metaverse is a space where anything is possible

We believe that immersive universes built with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology are the future of storytelling, branding, and online events.

We are here to make that future a reality for your business.

Since our inception three years ago, IOVR has delivered numerous metaverse/AR/VR-enabled projects and collaborated with many organizations in India and internationally with narratives across mental health and well-being, architecture, the arts and gaming. 


Client Testimonials:

Mayur Doshi

Most competent, creative, hardworking & professional team. Helped us in convincing our clients to understand the concepts of the project in one go. Great people to work with.

Selected Projects:

About Us:

IOVR is more than just a tech company. We are storytellers who use cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technologies to connect businesses to their audiences in innovative and immersive ways. 


We have a strong focus on aesthetics and artistic expression with a precise attention to detail. Our work doesn’t just fulfill a client’s brief, it directly speaks to the curiosity and motivations of their audience - we make worlds that people want to explore and spend time in, worlds that people feel good in. And that at the end of the day is the key to getting any message out there.

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