IOVR is an Interdisciplinary Design Research startup founded on the premise of technological innovation flirting with new media narratives. 


Our expertise lies in creating Immersive Experiences using a unique approach to the art of storytelling. 

IOVR seeks new and creative projects within the borders of Art and Architecture through new mediums such as Game Design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Creative Coding, and Artificial Intelligence.


A framework for a speculative and experimental approach for various architectural design problems. 

Questions of aesthetics are of particular interest - specifically new forms of representation that embrace both the production and decoding of entities within emerging symbol systems set against a wide spectrum of technology-driven processes.


IOVR seeks to borrow from artistic, material practices that frequently display a rigorous and critical yet playful engagement with their subject matter and context.

Our interest lies in exploring space in relation to the arts to infuse interactive design with original and critical ideas and practices through contemporary digital mediums.


We offer a huge range of services using various techniques.

All our designs are custom made. We work only with advanced tools. 

A multimedia studio, a combination of a physical set with immersive design to create hyperreality experiences.

Products can be set up in any physical space or online. Experiences are interactive and customer-centric. Installations and works are web-compatible.


Digital products in Immersive Realities (VR/ AR/ MR),

Experiential Marketing,



Fictional Storytelling,

World Designs,

Character Designs,

Game Design Environments,

Interactive Worlds


Architecture Design,

Game Design,

Product Design,

Interior Design,

Conceptual Design


Virtual reality,

Augmented Reality,

Mixed Reality,

Artificial Intelligence,

Creative Coding

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